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      1. The ancient Egyptians knew ways to ________ dead bodies from decay.

      A) deserve B) reserve C) preserve D) conserve

      2. This kind of songbird sleeps much less during its annual _________ but that doesn’t seem to affect its flying.(CET6-0612)

      A) migration B) emigration C) conveyance D) transference

      3. It happened in the ____ past, so no one worried about it any more.

      A) ignorant B) remote C) dim D) dubious

      4. Stone does not ________, and so the tools of long ago have remained when even the bones of the men who made them have disappeared without trace.

      A) fade B) wither C) rust D) decay

      5. They may also have used wood and skins, but these have ________away.

      A) rotten B) shrunk C) disappeared D) withheld


      1. Young people are not _____to stand and look at works of art; they want art they can participate in. (CET4-0006)

      A) conservative B) content C) confident D) generous

      2. Many of the documents have been _________ for purposes of confidentiality.

      A) destroyed B) ruined C) harmed D) damaged

      3. Some of the most important concepts in physics ____ their success to these mathematical systems. (研-1994)

      A) oblige B) owe C) contribute D) attribute

      4. We rarely perceive more than a minute __________ of the sights and sounds that fall upon our sense organs; the great majority pass us by. (CET6-9806)

      A) fiction B) function C) fraction D) friction

      5. The report seeks to ________ the rise in crime to the increase in unemployment.

      A) reveal B) affect C) motion D) relate

      6. One can tell the difference almost at a(n)________, for a spider always has eight legs and an insect never more than six.

      A) glance B) sight C) view D) look

      7. As the director can’t come to the reception, I’m representing the company ________. (TEM4-2000-)

      A) on his account B) on his behalf C) for his part D) in his interest

      8. Before he started work, I asked the builder to give me an _______ of the cost of repairing the roof. (CET6-9306)

      A) assessment B) estimate C) announcement D) evaluation


      1. One June 8th, the leaders of the world’s seven main industrial countries will meet in Venice for their annual economic ________.

      A) gathering B) assembly C) summit D) interview

      2. In a typhoon, winds _________ a speed greater than 120 kilometers per hour. (研-1991)

      A) assume B) accomplish C) attain D) assemble

      3. There was a(n) ________ man whose manner made him unpopular with some people.

      A) raw B) coarse C) grave D) impatient

      4. There is a fully ______ health center on the ground floor of the main office building. (CET4-0406)

      A) installed B) equipped C) provided D) projected

      5. The rapid development of communications technology is transforming the ________in which people communicate across time and space. (CET4-0309)

      A) mood B) mission C) manner D) vision

      6. Tomorrow the mayor is to a group of Canadian businessmen on a tour of the city. (CET4-0501)

      A) coordinate B) cooperate C) accompany D) associate


      1. There is no _____ evidence that people can control their dreams, at least in experimental situations in a lab. (CET4-0401-61)

      A) rigid B) solid C) smooth D) harsh

      2. The government has established a(n) ________ to investigate the problem of inner city violence. A) council B) commission C) assembly D) administration

      3. The story that follows________ two famous characters of the Rocky Mountain gold rush days. (CET6-9001)

      A) concerns B) states C) proclaims D) relates

      4. ______ that he wasn’t happy with the arrangements, I tried to book a different hotel. (CET4-0406)

      A) Perceiving B) Penetrating C) Puzzling D) Preserving


      1. There was such a(n) ________ sunset that the sky’s all ruby and so beautiful.

      A) glorious B) precious C) delicious D) vigorous

      2. The police are trying to find out the _____ of the woman killed in the traffic accident.(CET4-0301)

      A) evidence B) recognition C) status D) identity

      3. The computer revolution may well change society as ________ as did the Industrial Revolution. (CET4-0001-67)

      A) certainly B) insignificantly C) fundamentally D) comparatively

      4. Commitment-k By signing the lease we made a _______ to pay a rent of $150 a week. (CET6-9906-58)

      A) conception B) commission C) commitment D) confinement

      5. He stressed his __________ to Atlantic unity and his determination to consult our allies before major initiatives.

      A) impression B) devotion C) operation D) obligation

      6. Their diplomatic principles completely laid bare their ________ for world conquest. (CET6-0101-33)

      A) admiration B) ambition C) administration D) orientation

      7. The school is based on the _______ principle that each child should develop its full potential.

      A) desirable B) flexible C) fundamental D) maximum


      1. The police have ________ that he must have left his apartment yesterday evening.

      A) manifested B) unfolded C) contemplated D) deduced

      2. The United States is perhaps the country where the ______ spirit is most cultivated and admired.

      A) consistent B) competitive C) confident D) constant

      3. After she threatened to leave him he was on his best ________ for a few months.

      A) model B) activity C) behavior D) pattern

      4. It is ________ that women should be paid less than men for doing the same kind of work. (CET6-0201)

      A) abrupt B) absurd C) adverse D) addictive

      5. I disliked the trade, and had a strong ________ to go to sea, but my father declared against it.

      A) inclination B) reconciliation C) orientation D) justification

      6. Building that railway was very difficult and involved_______ten tunnels. (CET6-9206-58)

      A) dig B) having dug C) to have dug D) digging

      7. Most laboratory and field studies of human behavior ______ taking a situational photograph at a given time and in a given place. (CET4-0512-67)

      A) involve B) compose C) enclose D) attach

      8. Not long ago, a person whom I know very well was ______ an accident. (CET4-8806-41)

      A) related to B) involved in C) included in D) subjected to

      9. Putting in a new window will ____ cutting away part of the roof. (CET4-0006-45)

      A) include B) involve C) contain D) comprise

      10. The job of a student accommodation officer a great many visits to landladies.  (TEM4-2006-73)

      A) concerns B) offers C) asks D) involves

      11. The main road through Littlebury was blocked for there hours today after an accident ________ two lorries. (TEM4-1996-58)

      A) involving B) including C) combining D) containing

      12. There has been a collision a number of cars on the main road to town. (CET4-0501)

      A) composing B) consisting C) involving D) engaging

      13. Researchers at the University of Illinois determined that the ________of a father can help improve a child’s grades. (CET4-0309)

      A) involvement B) interactionC) association D) communication

      14. The main road through Pitsburgh was blocked for three hours today after an accident ________ two trucks. (CET6-9006-42)

      A) concerning B) combining C) including D) involving

      15. David tends to feel useless and unwanted in a society that gives so much ____ to those who compete well. (CET6-9906-50)

      A) prestige B) regime C) superiority D) humanity

      16. A completely new situation will when the examination system comes into existence. (CET4-9506-69)

      A) arise B) rise C) raise D) arouse

      17. Following the elections, a completely new situation is likely to ________.(TEM4-1992)

      A) arouse B) arise C) raise D) rise

      18. Many difficulties have ____ as a result of the change over to a new type of fuel. (CET49306-57)

      A) risen B) arisen C) raised D) arrived

      19. Some confusion has ______ about who can join the association.(CET6-9206-43)

      A) arisen B) lifted C) raised D) retained

      20. The problem has ________ simply because you didn’t follow the instructions in the handbook. (TEM4-1994-75)

      A) assembled B) arisen C) risen D) resulted

      21. Our hopes ______ and fell in the same instant. (CET4-0106-35)

      A) arose B) raised C) rose D) aroused

      22. Our suspicions were first ________ when we heard a muffled (壓抑)scream.

      A) aroused B) stimulated C) excited D) inspired

      23. It’s good to have some pepper to ________ the appetite.

      A) originate B) expand C) arouse D) motivate

      24. Why didn’t his behavior ________ suspicions at the CIA?

      A) rise B) arise C) raise D) arouse


      Lesson 7

      1. During the nineteen years of his career, France Battiate has won the ________ of a wide audience outside Italy. (CET6-9701)

      A) enjoyment B) appreciation C) evaluation D) reputation

      2. Four years had ________ since he left college and still he hadn’t found a job.

      A) receded B) erupted C) terminated D) elapsed

      3. In the advanced course students must take performance tests at monthly _____. (CET49306)

      A) gaps B) intervals C) length D) distance

      4. A sound made by tapping on the hull (船體) of a ship will be reflected from the sea bottom, and by measuring the time interval between the taps and the _______ of the echoes the depth of the sea at that point can be calculated.

      A) receipt B) appearance C) intensity D) duration

      5. The police were alerted that the escaped criminal might be in the ________.

      A) vain B) vicinity C) court D) jail

      6. The tone of the article the writer's mood at the time. (TEM4-2006-71)

      A) reproduced B) reflected C) imagined D) imitated

      7. The scientists are able to _________ accurately when the spaceship will reach the moon.

      A) convey B) count C) calculate D) check

      8. Features such as height, weight, and skin color______ from individual and from face to face. (CET4-9606-29)

      A) change B) vary C) alter D) convert

      9. The hopes, goals, fears and desires ________ widely between men and women, between the rich and the poor. (CET4-0001-44)

      A) alter B) shift C) transfer D) vary


      1. We are delighted that the mayor will be _______ us with his presence at our annual dinner.

      A) identifying B) gracing C) blessing D) integrating

      2. The ________ for rooms and meals are pinned to the door of the hotel.

      A) tariff B) dividend C) liability D) mortgage

      3. She once again went through her composition carefully to________ all spelling mistakes from it. (CET6-9106)

      A) withdraw B) diminish C) abandon D) eliminate

      4. The ________ signed by the two sides in January brought a formal end to the war in Bougainville.

      A) accord B) formula C) regulation D) file

      5. Not until 60 years after the invention of canned food did the ________ for opening them come into being.

      A) instrument B) device C) apparatus D) utensil

      6. The Liberal Democrats may form a(n)________ with labor to try to beat the Conservatives in the next election.

      A. ideology B. census C. hypothesis D. pact

      7. Hardly anyone escaped the ____ that followed when the rebels were defeated.

      A) grief B) exclusion C) slaughter D) denouncement

      8. All the rooms on the second floor have nicely ________ carpets, which are included in the price of the house.(TEM4-2004-61)

      A) adapted B) equipped C) suited D) fitted

      9. This sort of rude behaviour in public hardly a person in your position.

      A) becomes B) fits C) supports D) improves (TEM4-2007-71)

      10. The motion has gone through that ___ barriers against foreign goods be raised.

      A) fare B) account C) tariff D) premium

      11. She once again went through her composition carefully to________ all spelling mistakes from it.

      A) withdraw B) diminish C) abandon D) eliminate CET6-9106-70


      1. A ________ official is one who is irresponsible in his work.  (CET6-0501)

      A) timid  B) tedious C) suspicious  D) slack

      2. Many locals have been stockpiling food as a(n) ____ against shortage.

      A) insurance B) addition C) precaution D) complement

      3. Everybody ____ in the hall where they were welcomed by the secretary. (CET4-0006)

      A) assembled B) accumulated C) piled D) joined

      4. Don't let such a _____ matter as this come between us so that we can concentrate on the major issue. (CET6-0306)

      A) trivial B) slight C) partial D) minimal

      5. She cut her hair short and tried to _____ herself as a man.

      A) decorate B) disguise C) fabricate D) fake (CET-0006)

      6. Features such as height, weight, and skin color______ from individual and from face to face. (CET4-9606)

      A) change B) vary C) alter D) convert

      7. The hopes, goals, fears and desires ________ widely between men and women, between the rich and the poor. (CET4-0001)

      A) alter B) shift C) transfer D) vary

      8. When an X-ray beam _______ the body, part is absorbed and part passes through.

      A) pierces B) scans C) explores D) penetrates

      9. Two robbers staged a dawn ________ on a restaurant in Western Street, tied up a security guard and escaped with about 30 bottles of brandy and wine.

      A) harm B) invasion C) encounter D) raid


      1. We made a leisurely ________ of the city walls before lunch.

      A) loop B) circuit C) circulation D) cycle

      2. The Timber rattlesnake is now on the endangered species list, and is extinct in two eastern states in which it once _________.(研-2001)

      A) thrived B) swelled C) prospered D) flourished

      3 The under-18s ________ nearly 25% of the town’s population.

      A) account B) constitute C) occupy D) include

      4. He got the money dishonestly, by ________ his brother’s signature on a check.

      A) forging B) duplicating C) prescribing D) improving

      5. One of the attractive features of the course was the way the practical work had been ________ with the theoretical aspects of the subject.  (CET6-501)

      A) embedded  B) embraced C) integrated  D) synthesized

      6. Crime is increasing worldwide, and there is every reason to believe the ______ will continue into the next decade. (CET4-0306)

      A) emergency B) trend C) pace D) schedule

      7. There is an undesirable _________ nowadays to make films showing violence. (CET6-9306)

      A)direction B)tradition C)phenomenon D) trend

      8. This bird’s large wings ______ it to fly very fast. (CET4-9201)

      A) able B) enable C) ensure D) cause

      9. This bird’s large wings ________ it to fly very fast. (CET6- 9406)

      A) make B) cause C) enable D) ensure

      10. Grain production in the world is________ but still millions go hungry. (CET6-0206)

      A) staggering B) shrinking C) soaring D) suspending


      1. For years now, the people of industrialism, education has been _____ towards producing workers. (CET-0006)

      A) depressed B) immersed C) oppressed D) cursed

      2. His ________ for stealing was that his children were starving.

      A) justification B) stimulus C) proposition D) petition

      3. I made the cake using cocoa powder rather than chocolate---it’s a bit of a(n) ________, but nobody will notice the difference.

      A) alternative B) cheat C) compromise C) disguise

      4. The road to the island only appears when the tide has ________.

      A) tumbled B) diluted C) whirled D) receded

      5. School started on a ____ cold day in February. (TEM4-2010)

      A) severe B) bitter C) such D) frozen

      6. The girl with broken legs ________ her medical problems and learned to walk again.

      A) encountered B) disregarded C) resisted D) overcame

      7. Because of his excellent administration , people lived in peace and _____ and all previously neglected matters were taken care of . (CET4-0506)

      A) conviction B) contest C) consent D) content

      8. Young people are not _____to stand and look at works of art; they want art they can participate in. (CET4-0006)

      A) conservative B) content C) confident D) generous


      1. People’s expectations about the future may have more influence on their sense of well-being than their ________ state does. (4-0606-41)

      A) current B) initial C) modern    D) primitive

      2. I have no ready ________ on me: can I pay tomorrow?

      A) bill B) cash C) balance D) capital

      3. Parents have a legal _____ to ensure that their children are provided with efficient education suitable to their age. (CET6-9706)

      A) impulse B) influence C) obligation D) sympathy

      4 The traveler brought back some ________ of the rocks and minerals.

      A) instances B) fractions C) slices D) specimens

      5 The United Nations has ________ a resolution that calls for sending UN observers to Iraq.

      A) voted B) absorbed C) revised D) adopted

      6. The automatic doors in supermarkets __________ the entry and exit of customers with shopping carts. (CET6-0106)

      A) furnish B) induce C) facilitate D) allocate

      7. Your improper words will give _____to doubts concerning your true intentions. (研-1994)

      A) rise B) reason C) suspicion D) impulse d

      8. I have enough ____ in my life without having to look after your sick pets.

      A) terminals B) vanity C) complication D) exhaustion

      9. We collected hundreds of ____ in support of not allowing cars into the city centre.

      A) scripts B) editions C) leases D) signatures

      10. The old couple decided to _______ a boy and a girl though they had three children of their own. (CET4-9706)

      A) adapt B) bring C) receive D) adopt


      1. To ________ anything is to turn it round as you turn a wheel.

      A) rotate B) swing C) twist D) roll

      2. The news of the enemy’s defeat quickly ________ round the town.

      A) transferred B) circulated C) broadcast D) distributed

      3. You can hire a bicycle in many places. Usually you’ll have to pay a _________. (CET4-0512)

      A) fare B) fund C) deposit D) deal

      4. The supervisor didn't have time so far to go into it _____, but he gave us an idea about his plan. (研-1995)

      A) at hand B) in turn C) in conclusion D) at length

      5. Olympic athletes often have to give a urine _________ to prove that they have not been taking drugs.

      A) demonstration B) sample C) inspection D) instance

      6. The pressure _____ causes Americans to be energetic, but it also puts them under a constant emotional strain. (CET4-9706)

      A) to compete B) competing C) to be competed D) having competing

      7. Apart from philosophical and legal reasons for respecting patients' wishes, there are several practical reasons why doctors should ________ to involve patients in their own medical care decisions.(CET6-0501)

      A) enforce B) endow C) endeavor   D) enhance


      1. The newspaper's ________ that the Democrats would be totally beaten in the general election came true.

      A) statement B) announcement C) forecast D) vision

      2. Connie was told that if she worked too hard, her health would _______. (CET6-0301)

      A) deteriorate B) degrade C) descend D) decay

      3. Her anxieties ________ until they could no longer be endured.

      A) overtook B) multiplied C) exceeded D) aroused

      4. These continual ________ in temperature make it impossible to decide what to wear. (CET6-0406)

      A) transitions B) transformations C) exchanges D) fluctuations

      5. The most serious __________ from the perfect competition comes from monopoly elements.

      A) despair B) setback C)interaction D) deviation

      6. In the advanced course students must take performance tests at monthly______.(CET4-9306-)

      A) gaps B) intervals C) length D) distance

      7. Students or teachers can participate in excursions to lovely beaches around the island at regular__________.(CET4-9701)

      A) gaps B) rate C) length D) intervals

      8. The discussion was so prolonged and exhausting that _________ the speakers stopped for refreshments. (研-1996)

      A) at large B) at intervals C) at ease D) at random

      9. The statistical figures in that report are not _____. You should not refer to them. (CET4-0201)

      A) rigid B) delicate C) fixed D) accurate

      10. The scientists are able to _________ accurately when the spaceship will reach the moon.

      A) convey B) count C) calculate D) check

      11. In a big city like New York, people think of life on a large ________.

      A) scale B) extent C) region D) range

      12. The________ of the pollution problem was much worse than scientists had predicted.

      A) scale B) outbreak C) context D) continuity


      1. He has a(n) ________ attitude toward his work; he likes it and does it very well.

      A) positive B) cautious C) consistent D) objective

      2. Achieving a high degree of proficiency in English as a foreign language is not a mysterious _______ without scientific basic. (研-1993)

      A) process B) practice C) procedure D) program

      3. The designer has applied for a________ for his new invention.(CET6-0206)

      A) tariff B) discount C) version D) patent

      4. The treasurer of a club acts as its ________ in financial matters.

      A) agent B) counsel C) assistant D) cabinet

      5. Showing some sense of humor can be a (n) _______ way to deal with some stressful situation. (CET4-0506)

      A) effective B) efficient C) favorable D) favorite

      6. They took measures to prevent poisonous gases from escaping.(CET4-9601)

      A) fruitful B) beneficial C) valid D) effective

      7. The city suffered ________ damage as a result of the earthquake. (TEM4-1996)

      A) considered B) considerate C) considerable D) considering

      8. Writing is a slow process, requiring_____ thought, time, and effort.(CET4-9606)

      A) significant B) considerable C) enormous D) numerous

      9. The school is based on the _______ principle that each child should develop its full potential.

      A) desirable B) flexible C) fundamental D) maximum

      10. The physical differences between men and women can be ________ directly to our basic n as hunters and child-bearers. (CET4-0606)

      A) pursued   B) traced C) switched   D) followed


      1. Although architecture has artistic qualities, it must also satisfy a number of important practical __________.(研-1999)

      A) obligations B) regulations C) observations D) considerations

      2.There was some ______ flowers on the table. (CET4-9106)

      A) artificial B) unnatural C) false D) unreal

      3. To call the music of another music-culture” primitive” is_________ one’s own standards on a group that does not recognize them. (CET6-9306)

      A)putting B)emphasizing C)forcing D)imposing

      4. The ________ of this difficulty have only recently been recognized.

      A) tensions B) extensions C) confusion D) dimensions

      5. In this poor country, survival is still the leading industry; all else is _________. (CET6-9801)

      A) luxury B) accommodation C) entertainment D) refreshment

      6. Some teenagers harbor a generalized resentment against society, which _______ them the rights and privileges of adults, although physically they are mature. (研-1993)

      A) deprives B) restricts C) rejects D) denies


      1. A vague law is always ____ to differing interpretations.

      A) subordinate B) comparable C) indispensable D) susceptible

      2. Evidence suggested that the AIDS ________ (HIV) was reading very quickly among the heterosexual(異性的)community.

      A) mold B) germ C) virus D) atom

      3. One of the boys in the class had a fever and he soon________ other children.

      A) invaded B) infected C) influenced D) involved

      4. It now seems unlikely that it will be possible to negotiate a peaceful ________ of the conflict.

      A) solution B) settlement C) resolution D) answer

      5. The lost car of the Lees was found _________ in the woods off the highway.

      A) vanished ) abandoned C) scattered D) rejected -91-21

      6. The scheme was ________ when it was discovered it would be very costly. (TEM4-1998-64)

      A) resigned B) surrendered C) released D) abandoned


      1. The ________ of a committee on health issues took several weeks.

      A) formation B) imagination C) combination D) consideration

      2. The winds came down with the ____ of grass and wild flowers.

      A) trait B) blossom C) perfume D) scent

      3. They said the building would be finished during the ____ year.

      A) due B) followed C) ensuing D) sequent

      4. Some of the members have been ___ to get the secretary dismissed.

      A) revenging B) overthrowing C) undertaking D) intriguing

      5. There was much plotting and ______ in the capitals of Europe before the outbreak of war.

      A) intrigue B) impulse C) discrepancy D) disregard

      6. Those who worked were looked down upon with contempt, and subjected to every possible __________.

      A) objection B) disguise C) depression D) indignity

      7. The library is ________ down on people who keep their books too long by increasing the fines.

      A) despising B) cracking C) punching D) reducing

      8. “________!” --- The first shot rang out, dropping the man.

      A) Crack B) Separate C) Burst D) Split

      9. The children carefully avoided the ________ between the paving stones.

      A) separations B) flaws C) wrinkles D) cracks


      1. Our research confirmed the _________ that when children have many difference caregivers important aspects of their development are liable to be overlooked. A. hypothesis B. hierarchy C. synthesis D. syndrome (CET6-0612-舊題型)

      2. The English weather defies forecast and hence is a source of interest____ to everyone.


      A) speculation B) attribution C) utilization D) proposition

      3. Why do they want________ jobs---jobs usually requiring little skill and knowledge?

      A) odd B) routine C) tough D) delicate

      4. He’s carrying out experiments to prove the _____put forward by his tutor.

      A) hypothesis B) petition C) prayer D) tribute

      5. Troops were called out to deal with the ________ in the capital.

      A) contradiction B) disorder C) roar D) vice

      6. When he said he never wanted to see you again I’m sure he didn’t mean it ________.A) literally B) formally C) effectively D) objectively

      7. The shop assistant wrapped the glasses carefully in ________ in order to protect them. A) tissue B) cupboard C) band D) crust

      8. His _________ of his co-worker in the fraud(欺騙,詭技) was crucial to the government’s case. A) communication B) implication C) declaration D) illustration

      9. Perhaps the most damning aspect of negative audible feedback is the __________ that success must be greeted with silence. A) implication B) emphasis C) highlight D) resistance


      Lesson 20

      1. Now that the boy was earning his own living, he could ___ his father’s strict rules.

      A) rectify B) terrify C) intensify D) defy

      2. You shouldn’t _______your father’s instructions. Anyway he is an experienced teacher.

      A) deduce B) deliberate C)defy  D)denounce (CET6-0512-53)

      3. As soon as the boy was able to earn his own living he ______ his parents' strict rules.

      A) defied B) refuted C) excluded D) vetoed CET60101-56

      4. We did a(n) ________ of the problem and proposed solutions to it.

      A) comprehension B) analysis C) consideration D) arrangement

      5. A safety __________ would have identified the target as potential danger. Unfortunately, it was never done.

      A) exclusion B) analysis C) reform D) formation

      6. We wanted to offer help, but the ________ glare on his face stopped us.

      A) fierce B) evil C) crazy D) shining

      7. Owing to ________ competition among the airlines, travel expenses have been reduced considerably.

      A) fierce B) strained C) eager D) critical CET4-0301-50


      1. The former Emperor of China was the _______ ruler of his country.

      A) extreme B) divine C) supreme D) absolute

      2 He works hard, gets tired, gets behinds with his work, and has to work harder still; it is a ____circle.

      A) weary B) resultant C) vicious D) subtle

      3. Many tourists were _________ by the city’s complicated traffic system. (CET6-9806)

      A) degraded B) bewildered C) evoked D) diverted

      4. Their ideas are quite _________ to our way of thinking.

      A) alien B) vulgar C) absurd D) void

      5. The school has a dress _______ requiring boys and girls to wear shirts and tie, no jeans.

      A) core B) code C) permission D) provision

      6. The invention is one of the _________ achievements of the present century.

      A) supreme B) sovereign C) sacred D) incredible

      7. Many people were injured in the ________ fighting that broke out between the demonstrators and the police.

      A. wretched B. reckless C. vicious D. militant

      8. He entertained the rich and famous in a fashion which recalled an era that has _______ lavish dinners served by white-gloved servants.

      A) glorious B) vanished C) extreme D) historic

      9. Even sensible men do________ things sometimes. A) abrupt B) absurd D) acute D) apt CET6-0206-52

      10. It is ________ that women should be paid less than men for doing the same kind of work. A) abrupt B) absurd C) adverse D) addictive CET6-0201-64

      11. It seems somewhat _________ to expect anyone to drive 3 hours just for a 20-minute meeting. A) eccentric B) impossible C) absurd D) unique (CET6-0512-41)

      12. There was once an _______ idea that the earth was flat and motionless. A) absurd B) intrinsic C) eternal D) offensive CET6-9906-39

      13. Initially, the scientists and engineers seemed _________ by the variety of responses people can make to a person. A. reinforced B. depressed C. embraced D. bewildered(CET6-0612-舊題型)

      14. The motorist _____ by the conflicting road signs had to stop and ask the resident the road to Chicago. A) confronted B) bewildered C) afflicted D) terrified

      15. The motorist ________ by the conflicting road signs had to stop and ask the resident the road to Chicago. A) blushed B) bewildered C) blundered D) biased

      16. When the farmers visited the city for the first time, they were _________ by its complicated traffic system. A) evoked B) bewildered C) diverted D) undermined CET0106-49


      1. The Japanese scientists have found that scents ______ efficiency and reduce stress among office workers.

      A) enhance B) amplify C) foster D) magnify CET60101-53

      2. The republication of the poet’s most recent works will certainly _____________ his national reputation.

      A) magnify B) strengthen C) enlarge D) enhance CET6-97-6-58

      3. I find the conductor’s ____ too slow for such a brilliant piece of music.

      A) tempo B) feature C) pitch D) melody

      4. His illness first ______ itself as severe stomach pains and headaches. (CET6-0406)

      A) expressed B) manifested C) reflected D) displayed

      5. Many people think that the standards of public ___________ have declined.(CET6-9606)

      A) morality B) rightness C) awareness D) mentality

      6. Language can be defined as a tool by which human beings ______ with one another. (CET4-9101)

      A) associate B) connect C) communicate D) correspond

      7. Some crops are relatively high yields and could be planted in preference to others to ________ the food supply. (CET6-0401)

      A) enhance B) curb C) disrupt D) heighten

      8. I dropped the mirror on the floor and it ________.

      A) collided B) shattered C) ruptured D) crumbled

      9. We’re going to speed up the ________ if we’re to finish on time.

      A. tempo B. endeavor C. impetus D. stimulus


      1. Dirt and disease are ____ to the best growth of children.

      A) pessimistic B) vicious C) adverse D) gloomy

      2. I held her firmly by the arm in case she ________ on the ice.

      A) skated B) slid C) slipped D) smoothed


      1. The music aroused an _______ feeling of homesickness in him. (CET6-0301)

      A) intentional B) intermittent C) intense D) intrinsic

      2. The change in people’s attitudes will slowly move from the ________ of theory into the sphere of practice.

      A) territory B) universe C) realm D) province

      3. I wish he’d stop telling all these ________ jokes to my mother.

      A) vulgar B) vicious C) wretched D) trivial

      4. The heat in summer is no less ________ here in this mountain region. (TEM4-2005-75) A) concentrated B) extensive C) intense D) intensive

      5. What struck her was the ________ competition between the two brothers. A) acute B) grave C) humble D) intense

      6. You have all ________ significant amounts of time and energy in making this project the success that it is. A) assigned B) invest`ed C) treasured D) divided


      1. I felt _________ in my new job, so I left of my own accord. A) diverse B) awkward C) inadequate D) hostile

      2. After the accident the ________ of the plane could be clearly seen on the hillside. A) crash B) damage C) frame D) wreck

      3. The strong storm did a lot of damage to the coastal villages: several fishing boats were _____ and many houses collapsed. A) wrecked B) spoiled C) torn D) injured CET4-97-1-35

      4. He refused the invitation to dinner on the ___ of being too busy.

      A) plea B) concession C) incentive D) justification

      5. Mrs. Lackey was awakened by the ringing of the bedside phone 12 hours after her husband’s boat had been ____. (CET6-9306)

      A) wrecked B) collapsed C) decayed D) fired

      6. A budget of five dollars a day is totally _______ for a trip round Europe. A) inadequate B) incapable C) incompatible D) invalid CET6-9901-44


      1. The old building is in a good state of _______ except for the wooden floors.

      A) observation B) preservation C) conservation D) compensation (CET6-9501)

      2. If I may ________ an opinion, I’d say the plan needs more thought.

      A) venture B) initiate C) ignite D) originate

      3. Very few people _________ to go out on that stormy night.

      A) ventured B) undertook C) afforded D) intended


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